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Beginners Modern Jive DVD
Improvers Modern Jive DVD

This DVD follows on from our Beginners and Improvers DVDs to teach you some slightly more challenging moves . Your no longer a beginner and you are ready to move on to the intermediate moves. This DVD contains 30 popular Modern Jive moves. There are 25 intermediate moves that will not only get you jiving, but into some impressive shapes and lines on the dance floor, plus there are 5 slightly more advanced moves for you to try as well.

This DVD contains the following moves.  Accordion Cheek to Cheek,  Accordion Flamenco,  Basket Bottle Opener,  Basket into Ladyspin,  Basket Man's Walkaround,  Basket Salsa,  Catapult Block,  Catapult Comb Spinout,  Catapult Teapot,  Catapult Sway and Back,  Cleaver Sway,  Double Handed Pretzel,  Elbow Cruncher,  First Move Elbow Turn Catapult,  Hatchback First,  Hatchlock Wrap and Sway,  Jack in the Box,  Left Handed Catapult,  Manspin Offer and Turn,  Pretzel and Back,  Pretzel Cloak,  Pull Spins,  Repeating Pushspin,  Reversed Catapult Wringer,  Reversed Double Handed Pretzel,  Secret Swizzle and Comb,  Shoulder Slide Eight,  Sway Lean,  Sway Reversed Catapult,  Tumble Dryer into Catapult.

Price = £12.50 Including Postage and Packing to UK
Price = £13.50 Including Postage and Packing outside UK
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