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Beginners Modern Jive DVD
Beginners Modern Jive DVD

This DVD takes you right from the basics. From learning how to hold your partner and how to both start at the same time through to dancing all 21 of our beginner moves and linking them together in the order of your choice. You will get step by step instructions to all of the beginner moves along with hints and tips to help you avoid any pit falls or bad habits that might become a problem when you move on to more complicated moves. If you are new to Modern Jive this DVD is the one to start you off. Learning to do the beginner moves well will help tremendously when you are ready to move on to the trickier stuff.

This DVD contains the following moves. Armjive,  Armjive Pushspin,  Basket,  Catapult,  Comb,  First Move,  First Move Pushspin,  Half Windmill,  Hatchback,  Ladyspin,  Manspin,  Octopus,  Pushspin,  Shoulder Slide, Side to Side,  Step Across,  Sway,  Teapot,  Wurlitzer, Yoyo, Yoyo Pushspin

Price = £11.50 Including Postage and Packing to UK
Price = £12.50 Including Postage and Packing outside UK
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