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Freestyle dates
27/10/18 Totton 2 Room Freestyle
30/10/18 Winchester Halloween BIG Tuesday
10/11/18 Totton 2 Room Freestyle
15/11/18 Minstead £5 Thursday Freestyle
1/12/18 Royal Victoria Chapel Snow Ball
8/12/18 Totton 2 Room Yuletide Dance
13/12/18 Minstead £5 Thursday Christmas Freestyle
18/12/18 Winchester Posh & Sparkly Christmas Ball
31/12/18 Totton New Year's Eve 2 Room Ball
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Basingstoke Dates
22nd Oct Open
29th Oct Open
5th Nov Open
12th Nov Open
19th Nov Open
26th Nov Open
Basingstoke Venue Details
Winchester Dates
23rd Oct Open
30th Oct Open
6th Nov Open
13th Nov Closed
20th Nov Open
27th Nov Open
Winchester Venue Details
Minstead Dates
18th Oct Open
25th Oct Open
1st Nov Open
8th Nov Open
15th Nov Open
22nd Nov Open
Minstead Venue Details

Full list of DYD Events

DYD Class Nights Class Nights

Each of our class nights provide a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere for all dancers, and would-be dancers, of any age from 16 upwards. No need to book in advance, no need to come with a partner.

When you learn to dance Modern Jive there is no need to book a course of lesson and no need to bring a partner, you can just turn up as, when and where you want to. Our dance lessons are broken down with step by step instruction for each move ensuring that you learn to dance in a fun and easy going environment.

The music that we play caters for all tastes whether its dance, pop, swing or latin all you have to do is simply come along, join in and have a go.

A Dance Yourself Dizzy class  night starts with a beginners class that lasts about 45 mins. In the class you will learn beginner moves and how to link them together.

After the beginners class there will be a short break of about 15 mins where the disco plays and you can practice what you have learnt so far. If you are having difficulties there are always staff members on hand to help you out and guide you so that you can pick up the moves as quickly and as easily as possible.

After the interval there will be an intermediate class, again about 45 mins only this time it is a little more challenging for the dancers who have been dancing a bit longer.

Beginners are not forgotten though because they are more than welcome to have a crack at the intermediate class, if they feel ready, or if not you can go through the beginners class again, with one of our coaches, and ask any questions that you may have.
DYD Venues
Quick Info

Venue: Basingstoke
Day: Monday
Event: Class Night
Start: 8.00pm
Admission: £7.00
SatNav: RG22 6HA

Venue: Winchester
Day: Tuesday
Event: Class Night
Start: 8.00pm
Admission: £8.00
SatNav: SO23 9GH
Venue: Minstead
Day: Thursday
Event: Class Night
Start: 8.00pm
Admission: £7.00
SatNav: SO43 7FX

Venue: Totton
Day: Saturdays*
Event: Freestyle Night
Start: 8.00pm
Admission: £8.00
SatNav: SO23 9GH
*Selected Dates Only

Full list of DYD events

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